An evening of three dramatized short stories by the master of the twist- in- the -tale, Roald Dahl, with his typical, dark humour, titled The Great Switcheroo, Taste and Lamb To The Slaughter.

The Great Switcheroo is the tale of two friends who want to swap wives. They do it clandestinely one night when the wives are too sleepy to realize the goings on. The exchange leads to disastrous consequences for the philandering husbands.


  • R.D. : Peter McManus
  • Victor : Michael Raj Kunsmann
  • Jerry : Vinnil Markan
  • Mary : Tannishtha Chatterjee
  • Samantha : Gunjan Khanna


Taste is the story of two crooks, who make a bet to guess the special wine they are made to sample, blindfolded. The women in their lives, a wife and a daughter, are the prize. One of them wins, but the butler discloses that he has cheated!


  • Mike Schofield : Pradeep Kapoor
  • Mrs. Schofield : Subhashini Sood
  • Louise Schofield : Shyama Haldar
  • Richard Pratt : Christopher Dian
  • The Butler : Peter McManus


The third story, Lamb To The Slaughter, is the story of a pregnant wife, who coolly murders her husband with a frozen leg of lamb when he reveals that he is leaving her. The murder weapon is cooked and cleverly fed to the cops when they come to investigate the crime , exclaiming all the while that it may well be “right under our noses for all we know!”


  • Mary Maloney : Indira Kohli Oberoi
  • Patrick Maloney : Pradeep Kapoor
  • Jack Noonan : Michael Raj Kunsmann
  • Sally Shepherd : Gunjan Khanna
  • Detective One : Subhashini Sood
  • Detective Two : Shashank Sharma
  • Cops : Christopher Dian, Vinnil Markan, Peter McManus



  • Stories : Roald Dahl
  • Dramatisation : Sohaila Kapur
  • Music : Sohaila Kapur
  • Direction : Sohaila Kapur
  • Lights : Gautam Bhattacharya, Debashish Karmakar
  • Set : Oroon Das



“The sleek and stylish dramatization and direction by Sohaila Kapur for Katyayani theatre group captured efficiently the inimitable satirical humour in Three Tales of the Unexpected….Sohaila Kapur’s achievement lies in taking up off-beat stories…..the racy dialogues and the sequences were so perfectly timed that the climax turned out smoothly….” —- The Evening News of India

“It requires tremendous skill on the part of the director and the actors to reproduce Dahl’s fantastic balancing of the comic and the grotesque. Katyayani’s dramatization, directed by Sohaila Kapur, was simple and neat…..” —- The Times of India