Articles Written on Sohaila Kapur
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Articles Written on Sohaila Kapur

Attaining new heights | Power Politics

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A Show that was a moment of truth, depicting two sides of life | Hindustan Times

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Fair Play | The Indian Express


Hard act to follow

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Queen of arts  


Erudite eloquence


Adding a new chapter in life

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Director's cut Sohaila Kapur -- The Hindu click here to read


Up close and personal with Sohaila Kapur -- Deccan Herald click here to read



"Mahim Junction" -- Omni TV, Canada



Dramatised Reading of Harold Pinter's "Old Times" -- NDTV


"Mahim Junction" -- NDTV 24x7


"Mahim Junction" -- Metro Nation (NDTV)


"Mahim Junction" -- Aaj Tak


"Mahim Junction" -- Lok Sabha Television

"Mahim Junction" --CNN IBN


Personality Interview -- Metro Nation (NDTV)


A Career in Theatre with Sohaila Kapur  -- Talking Futures (Trailer)